• providing continuing education, training and professional development opportunities
  • promoting the use of safe and responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to enhance environmental stewardship
  • ​bringing our members together and providing them with the opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions and information
  • ​encouraging our membership to assist and cooperate with legislative and regulatory agencies

Board of Directors
Don Farrar
,  Gilliam County Weed Control - Current Chair
Dan Durfey,  Umatilla School District - Public Member
Vern Holm,  Western Invasives Network -
Non-Profit & CWMA Representation
Will Lackey,  Oregon Department of Transportation -
Ex-Officio Organization
Merle Keys,  Wasco County Weed Control - Honorary Member 
Floyd Paye,  Payes 2 Spray - Private Contractor
Dave Pranger,  Morrow County Weed Control -
Eastern Oregon Weed Control
Bonnie Rasmussen,  Oregon Department of Agriculture -
​Ex-Officio Organization
Vacant - Western Oregon Weed Control
Matt Wenick,  Grant County Weed Control SWCD -
SWCD Representation, Eastern Oregon Weed Control
Shannon Brubaker,  Project Director
Kathy Sherman,  Creative Director


Oregon Vegetation Management Association Team Members

Oregon Vegetation Management Association (OVMA) strives to promote and support the efforts of the vegetation and noxious weed management industry by:

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